Pro-Life Signs Family

Using Pro-Life Signs

Effective Signage Effective sidewalk counseling will often times utilize many different tools. These tools help us to reach those going to the abortion centers. Pro-Life signs can be a powerful way to convey truth to an abortion determined woman. Of course, with everything, there is that which is effective and Read more…

Philosophy of Ministry – Sidewalk Counseling

In order to help those who feel a strong call to be a voice for the voiceless at their local abortion center, I want to write a few blogposts sharing some of what we at Cities4Life have learned in sidewalk counseling over the years. Hopefully these posts will help encourage you as you seek to serve the Lord in this very rewarding but difficult ministry.
The first topic I want to touch on is foundational to not only beginning well; but also staying in the battle, because being a faithful Gospel-centered presence at your local abortion center is a battle.