Online Video Training for Sidewalk Counseling

The following information has been compiled to help prepare you to be an effective sidewalk counselor. With these principles and God’s help we know that you will make a difference on the sidewalks for life! Take a moment to read through this resource and we pray that you will find it incredibly helpful as you begin taking hope into the darkest corners of your city.

Video Training Part 1:
One-on-One Interactions

Our sidewalk counseling training will prepare you to make a difference on the sidewalks for life! This first training video talks about how to interact one-on-one with abortion minded women at an abortion clinic.

Video Training Part 2:
Three Main Talking Points

In this second training video, you will learn three main talking points that you can use while sidewalk counseling. These effective topics will help you reach women going into an abortion center.

Video Training Part 3:
What About Rape?

This training video talks about how to deal with hard cases at the local abortion center. In sidewalk counseling you will encounter women with many difficult situations. How do answer if their situation involve rape?

Additional Training for Sidewalk Counseling

Training Section 1:
The Basics of Sidewalk Counseling Ministry

Whether or not this is your first time doing sidewalk ministry or you’ve got years of experience, this first training section will help you understand the foundational basics behind this life-saving ministry. Remember, you can make a difference on the sidewalks for life!

Training Section 2:
Preparing for Sidewalk Counseling Ministry

Sidewalk ministry can be incredibly effective in saving the lives of the unborn, but you must be prepared. In this training section, we’ll equip you with helpful resources, protocol, safety recommendations for children, and other helpful training for you day at the abortion center.

Training Section 3:
Ministry on the Sidewalk

From decades of experience, we want to help equip you for your day of ministry on the sidewalk. We’ve pulled together talking points, do’s and don’ts, scripture verses, and other helpful resources so you can be prepared for your day on the sidewalk.

Training Section 4:
Using Amplified Sound

Not every city allows for the use for electronically amplified sound, but when it is possible, using amplified sound can be an effective tool in reaching those going into the abortion center.

Training Section 5:
The Importance of Followup Ministry

This training section was designed to help equip you for followup ministry. Sidewalk ministry doesn’t have to end on the streets.  In fact, there is an amazing opportunity for ongoing ministry with the women you counsel.