Training Section 5: Follow Up

Keep in contact!

    • Keep in contact with the women you counsel – both those who choose Life and those who did not, but talked to who were post-abortive.
    • Encourage the mamas who chose life to remain solid in their choice for LIFE!
    • Encourage the post-abortive mamas to repent and go through post-abortive counseling (Forgiven and Set Free) and get involved in a solid church!

Baby Shower

    • Consider throwing them a baby shower and use the baby shower as a way to share the Gospel.
    • Collect baby items (get churches to sponsor and individuals to donate items)
    • Take the items to the mom’s home close to her due date.
    • Let her see what she received.
    • Take her to lunch or dinner after and present the Gospel outright! Be bold! Many have come to Jesus this way!

Mentor and Church

    • Connect them with a mentor and a Bible-preaching church.

It’s Important to Debrief

Ministering at the abortion center is exhausting both physically and emotionally! It is important that you take the time to debrief and talk about all that happened that day at the mill. Just talk it out.


    • Be In the Word
    • Family Worship
      • Have regular family worship with your family. Delve into Scripture and learn it together. This creates much unity while on the mission field!
    • Send Out With Prayer
      • Fathers might not be able to minister during the week, but they are able to send out their family to the mission field covered in prayer!


    • Q&A at Family Worship
      • It is especially important to debrief children and to use this time as a teaching opportunity! A good way to do this is during family worship. You can learn about their experiences and they can talk things out and ask questions about what they observed.
      • It is especially important to debrief children and to use that as a teaching opportunity! This is where they learn HOW to put feet on WHAT they believe!
    • Date Night or Coffee
      • Alone time at night with your spouse, following a day of ministry, is a good way for your spouse to really talk things through about ministry.