Holy Spirit Speaks for Us

Carrie: (Charlotte)

Momma C stopped in the street and rolled her window down, so I approached. She asked if this was “the place”. I responded with “I’m here so that you don’t have to go in the place.” Thank you, Holy Spirit! She broke into tears and covered her face with her hands. I asked her to pull to the curb and she did. She really has so much going for her but is so very afraid because she already has a two-year-old. I got Gaston Country PRC on the phone, and they talked with her and told her to come there.

When I called Gaston County PRC, I identified who I am, with Love Life on the sidewalk at Latrobe abortion facility. They responded with the urgency and help right away. In fact, when I called later to thank them, she told me her sonographer was off on Fridays but came in to do the ultrasound. 

I’ve never said anything like that to a mom right off the bat. It was so totally the Holy Spirit, because she answered that she didn’t really want to go to that place and broke into tears. She ended up choosing life.

Holy Spirit Signs and Wonders

Vicky: (Charlotte)

I once had a similar experience, totally Holy Spirit. A couple stopped for me up the street and the first words out of my mouth were, “This is your lucky day! We have a free ultrasound in that bus just down the street. Would you like to see your baby?” They looked at each other, then nodded, said yes, and chose life. It was surreal.

Then another time, there was a mom who when she saw me, told me she had seen my face in her curtains that morning. She knew me! She had a vision of me in her curtains, and that caused her to choose life! Later, when she shared the name she wanted for the baby, LIO, I was driving down the highway and saw a billboard with nothing but the word LIO on it. I texted her telling her what I had seen. She was at that moment BACK in the abortion center to kill little LIO. Instead, she knew that was a sign from God and left. Her baby is now 3-years old.

Holy Spirit Conviction

Cassandra (Charlotte)

My Holy Spirit moment that stands out was when a woman that was from the opposition, a pro-abortion volunteer, was continually screaming “(BLEEP) Your Lord” over and over at me.  My young kids were playing in front of me on the sidewalk, completely unfazed by her. She put on a demonic song to upset me, but I told her how I used to like the same song but the music left me feeling depressed and worthless. Then I shared how the Lord changed my life. I asked her what this lifestyle was doing for her and shared the hope only Jesus can give her…that He can save her. I haven’t seen her in a long time and pray that she’s seeking Him. A man was there that came to pray, and he remarked how calm I was the whole time. It was definitely the Holy Spirit!!!! 

Holy Spirit Prompting

Debbie (Charlotte)

As I was walking into our SWO refresher course back in April, I got a call the second I shut the car door to go into the meeting. I almost never answer calls if I don’t recognize the number. But I’m sure it was the Holy Spirit directing me to answer. 

It was a mom who had read the pamphlet I’d given her husband on the sidewalk that morning, and she was wanting to know if her baby would be ok as she had spit half the medicine out. Nurse Courtney assured her the baby should be fine. Her family loves that resulting baby girl very much.

Holy Spirit Encouragement

Rolf (Charlotte)

Here is a Holy Spirit Moment that I experienced a few weeks ago. Vicky was part of it. I was feeling very discouraged. I mentioned to Vicky that I had lost my attitude. I used to go to the abortion center and send out messages of compassion and hope. Lately those messages were turning to rebukes as I got more and more fed up with the attitudes of the women and their companions/drivers. Vicky mentioned that sometimes that is what they need to hear. That was somewhat helpful, but I still was not convinced. Then, Vicky turned to a car with a woman and child inside that Earlene and I had been communicating with. Vicky convinced her to go back inside and try to get her friend out of the center. And she DID go back in. The center people wouldn’t let her have access to her friend, but she actually made the effort. And she thanked US for being there! That was so encouraging. Then two young women actually came to the sidewalk and asked me for materials! This was after having no success in giving out a single brochure. Surely these events were not coincidences but rather the Holy Spirit at work.

*sidenote: that woman turned out to work for a staffing agency. She gave Vicky her number in case we had moms looking for work. Vicky recently connected her with a mom who chose life who needed work!

Holy Spirit Protection

Amy (Charlotte)

A car was exiting the upper driveway…I had not noticed this car going in, so I did what we typically do…called out that we could help, asked her to take our literature, etc.  The woman stopped her car in the middle of the driveway, rolled down her window and flipped me off and cursed.  She continued to yell and scream at me, and  threatened to beat my “blepping” “bleep!”  I stayed standing where I was when she started to pull out, then exited her car, then came towards me.  

For the past month I have been memorizing Psalm 121. As she was advancing towards me (she was a large person and extremely angry), I looked up to heaven and began praying Psalm 121 out loud.  I never moved and did not respond in anger. I was asking God to intervene. 

Mike, the security guard, wrestled her into her car, and she drove off.  I believe the Holy Spirit prompted my response. I know that it is important to stay in God’s Word so that the Holy Spirit has something to draw from.  

I will lift up my eyes to the hills- from whence comes my help? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.

Holy Spirit Divine Encounter

Shae: (Charlotte)

Here’s a story about the Holy Spirit intervening when none of us were even looking for it!  

I was serving at Wendover one morning when a gentleman walked up the sidewalk to one of my team members and said, “I need help.”  This man wasn’t involved with the clinic at all – he’d just had a hard night due to personal problems and decided to start walking down the sidewalk. It was very evident that the Holy Spirit sent him down to us, because my team member was able to spend an hour witnessing to him, and this man ended up surrendering his life to Jesus!  Another team member had a Bible that she gave him, and he had such joy on his face as he walked away from there, a new man in Christ!!! This story stands as a reminder to me that this is God’s ministry – not ours – and He will accomplish everything He has planned even if it’s totally different than what we thought. We’re called to faithfully stand and watch God perform a miracle!

Holy Spirit Guidance

Grace (San Bernardino, Ca.)

A car was driving slowly, stopping in front of me. The woman in front was adamant about having an appointment, she kept talking, but someone in my head told me to give the brochure to the girl on the back. I handed our flyer to the girl sitting in the back. She looked at me with a blank stare. I knew from that moment that she was the one who needed the brochure. They went to the abortion center parking lot and parked. However, they never got out.

All of a sudden, the car pulled out and stopped next to me. The girl in the back immediately got out of the car, hugged me and cried. She told me to help her; she didn’t know what to do! The woman in the front seat was the teen’s mother who wanted her to get the abortion. I hugged her back; the teenager and the mom were flustered. The mother of the teen was defensive but said that she supported whatever decision her daughter would make. The teen was so relieved to find us. She told us we rescued her from the worst mistake she could make.  

The Holy Spirit will tell us who to reach out to. Normally, I would’ve given the literature to the woman in the front. She looked young, and she was the one saying that she had an appointment. However, the Holy Spirit nudged me and told me to reach out to the girl in the backseat.  It was a great learning lesson for me. Sometimes, you should be quiet, listen, and be led. 

Holy Spirit With Us

Heidi (Harrisburg, PA)

Last year I was new to sidewalk counseling and I would always meet up with another counselor at the clinic. I arrived in the city of Harrisburg before my partner and since I am not very street smart I made a decision to never be on the sidewalk alone. 

When I arrived, I noticed that the clinic happened to be closed that day, but as I watched from my car a woman arrived and then left when she walked up and read the sign on the door. I tried to scramble to speak to her, but I was too far away and she left. I felt so convicted for many days like I had blown it. I had missed a big opportunity to share with her especially because there were no escorts that morning.

The next week, I was going to be the only counselor there for the first hour or so and I felt the Holy Spirit assure me that He was with me and that I wasn’t really alone. As I stood out there trying to be brave, a very sweet, young woman walked up to me and said “I want to do what you are doing! I have never seen anyone out here before.” I was so shocked and delighted! (In reality, there was a group of faithful, Catholic pro-lifers that had been out there several times a week for many hours for years.) I believe that God ordained this moment as an encouragement to me and as a sign for her future.

This sweet, Spirit-filled young woman is Lydia Saurman, our new Love Life Harrisburg City Coordinator!

Vicky Kaseorg

Vicky Kaseorg

Vicky Kaseorg is a missionary with Love Life. An author of over 25 books, she is ardently pro-life and deeply desires to share the hope and truth of the Lord Jesus Christ through her work, writing, and life. Read her personal blog at vickykaseorg.blogspot.com.


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