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In general, when we speak to moms we want to focus on the three talking points: God, humanity of the baby and resources. This remains true; but, occasionally, I will counter some of the lies that are put forth by the pro-abortion group. The reason for this is the women often will not stop for us because they have believed these lies. If we can mention and directly confront the lies of the pro-abortion group, we may be able to plant seeds of doubt about them and help women to listen to what we are offering. The intention of this article is to dissect the falsehoods Planned Parenthood and other pro-choice groups are putting out. I do not think it should be by any means the main part of what we say when we are on the sidewalk, but I do think it can be briefly mentioned.

The article below is an official document distributed by Planned Parenthood to warn clients about sidewalk counselors and other so-called “protesters.”


Five Ways to Help you Deal with Anti-Abortion Protesters

By Planned Parenthood | May 24, 2022, 6:29 p.m. 

CLAIM (PP): “It’s important to us that you feel safe visiting Planned Parenthood health centers. At some of our health centers or at other abortion providers, you may face vocal protesters outside who don’t believe in your right to sexual and reproductive health services and education. These protesters shouldn’t keep you from the health care you need and deserve

RESPONSE (LoveLife): First of all we are not protesters. We hate abortion but we are there proclaiming the hope of Jesus and the help of the local church. We are speaking the truth about fetal development and the sanctity of life. Many women have told us we are the only voice in their lives speaking these truths, and that our voice was indeed the one they were waiting for and even praying to God that they would hear.

Second, killing an unborn child is not reproductive health. It is the murder of an innocent human being. No matter how many times we try to sanitize this act by labeling it benign sounding names, it doesn’t change the fact that a little human being, with all the human DNA he or she will ever have from the moment of conception is being violently killed either through dismemberment or asphyxiation and starvation in abortion. Women do not have a moral right to this, no matter how many times the government says so. It is wrong for a mother to kill her own child. It is wrong for anyone to kill an innocent, vulnerable human being. There is no other vulnerable people group that society gives permission to prey upon.

CLAIM (PP): Know that Planned Parenthood health center staffers are no strangers to protesters. And they have plans in place to keep you safe and comfortable both inside and outside of the building. In many cases, our health centers have security guards and/or escorts on hand who are trained to protect you and help you get to your appointment as quickly as possible. 

RESPONSE (LoveLife): They may say that what they provide is a safe service but just this week, we saw two women had to be either carried out or passed out as they left the abortion center. Many times we have seen ambulances. There are a litany of issues that can occur that damage a woman’s health in an abortion. And of course an abortion is never safe for the baby.

(PP) Here are five things to help you deal with protesters:

CLAIM (PP): Know that protestors are single minded and want to take away your freedom
Protesters are there with one purpose, to stop you from making your own informed decisions about your health and body and getting the health care you need. But it’s actually against the law for protestors to touch you or block you from going into the health center. You can keep this in mind as you plan your visit.

RESPONSE (LoveLife): We have no interest whatsoever in removing people’s rights. It is already against the law to murder human beings. The issue here is that the abortion industry which makes billions of dollars a year on abortion justifies their action by calling the living human being growing in the womb not human, not alive, and not a person. This defies all logic and all science. 

Additionally they call this killing of an unborn child health care. Healthcare is designed to save lives, not to murder them.

(PP) Don’t engage

CLAIM (PP): You do NOT have to talk to protesters, pay attention to them, or take any of their materials. Some protesters might quietly hold signs or pray. Some might call themselves “sidewalk counselors” and try to nicely talk to you or offer to give you help or false “information” meant to scare or pressure you out of getting an abortion. Some might be more aggressive, with bullhorns, signs, or flyers featuring inaccurate depictions of abortion. Or they may try to hand you baby clothes or small dolls to shame or intimidate you. They may even wear vests and pretend that they’re real clinic escorts to try to confuse you. Your best move is to ignore them. 

RESPONSE (LoveLife): We never intimidate, condemn, or pretend to be something we’re not. In fact, every time I begin speaking I say, “Hello.  I’m with love life which is a ministry that is here to help you.”

I point out that our resources and our help is designed to make it easier for them to choose life for their precious child. If they ask for directions to the abortion clinic, I tell them that in all good conscience I cannot give them that information, because I know that God would never have them go in that place to kill their baby. 

We do not make false promises. In fact, we have a list of women whom we have helped willing to speak with others about all the help that we promised and then delivered upon. We do not solve every problem of every woman for the next 18 years. No one can do that, but we do not promise what we cannot provide. We do provide baby showers that give two years of what the baby will need. We do provide mentors. We do provide extensive resource lists which include both secular and Christian resources to help in a variety of struggles. 

The only ones that are lying are the Planned Parenthood and so-called pro-choice people. This is an absolute fabrication that we do not provide real services or that we are lying. Our ultrasounds are real in real medical facilities with the same HIPAA laws that cover any medical facility. Our nurses and sonographers are trained. We are sidewalk counselors because we are counseling against death with the truth of the gospel and the truth of the sanctity of human life.

(PP) Know their tactics and beware

CLAIM (PP): It’s important to know that protesters sometimes try to persuade Planned Parenthood patients to visit their vans or “mobile clinics” or go to a different clinic. Don’t do it. They’ll claim to offer free ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, and counseling, but it’s a ruse; they’re deliberately trying to trick you into listening to disinformation and — often — religious propaganda. They are NOT real health centers or abortion providers and usually there are no medical providers at all. They’re anti-abortion “crisis pregnancy centers,” and instead of providing the full range of medical care or factual information you need and deserve — they often try to scare you out of the services a real health center provides.

RESPONSE (LoveLife): It is true we hate abortion but it is not true that we try to trick women in any way. We are very upfront about who we are and why we are doing what we are doing. I tell them immediately, as I have heard most of our counselors tell them, that we are motivated by the love of God and the knowledge that abortion is wrong and will not only harm the baby but the woman and family as well. Everything we provide is aboveboard, honest, and we receive no payment for every woman served or every baby saved as many of the “pro-choice” people declare. The only profit we receive is the reward from God knowing that we are doing His will and proclaiming His truth.

Additionally, contrary to what they say, we will help any woman no matter where she stands in her walk or lack of walk with Jesus. We say that upfront and explicitly. We are very honest sharing that the reason we do what we do is because we love God and the reason we have such vast resources is because other people who love God want to help these women. But we have no interest in forcing people to believe in God. We do pray and hope they will, but we would never force, and in fact it would be blasphemous to do so.

(PP) Block them out

CLAIM (PP): Summon your inner rockstar and wear sunglasses and a jacket or sweatshirt with the hood pulled up to help avoid eye contact. Put in earplugs or listen to music in your headphones to block out their voices. You can also bring an umbrella, magazine, or newspaper to cover your face. Also, if you need the support, a friend or family member can walk with you, though depending on the health center’s policies, they might not be able to come inside the health center with you.

RESPONSE (LoveLife): It is interesting that the so-called pro-choice crowd is encouraging women to block the choice for life. We have seen them actively try to talk women who have chosen life back into choosing abortion. This does not sound like choice to me it sounds like an upfront attempt to limit choice.

(PP) Get help from clinic escorts

CLAIM (PP): If there are lots of protesters, there will likely be health center escorts who are trained to get you to your appointment without being bothered. They usually wear vests that say something like “clinic escort” on them, and they’ll talk to you all the way to the door of the health center, if you want, so you don’t have to pay attention to protesters. Escorts may use umbrellas or other things to shield you and play music to help drown out protesters’ voices.

RESPONSE (LoveLife): Again, notice the attempt of the pro-choice crowd to drown out the choice for life. They are actively seeking to shield women from the truth of fetal development, effects of abortion, what the Bible says about sanctity of life, the humanity of the baby, and the availability of resources that can many times shift the decision from death to life. This just does not sound like choice to me.

CLAIM (PP): You deserve to get health care without shame or misinformation. If you’re worried about dealing with protesters, you can always call the health center for more information. They’ll be able to tell you what to expect and help you safely get to your appointment.

Planned Parenthood is here for you always. 

RESPONSE (LoveLife): Except of course unless you are harmed by the abortion or devastated by the abortion and need counseling or help from the wreckage of abortion. Planned Parenthood provides no help in that case. And of course if you’re an unborn child, Planned Parenthood isn’t there for you at all. 

Vicky Kaseorg

Vicky Kaseorg

Vicky Kaseorg is a missionary with Love Life. An author of over 25 books, she is ardently pro-life and deeply desires to share the hope and truth of the Lord Jesus Christ through her work, writing, and life. Read her personal blog at


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