• Humanity/Personhood of the Child
      • Just a week late? Your baby's heart is beating!
      • At just 8 weeks every organ is present and fully functioning.
      • Feels a gentle stroke on the cheek, which means that your baby will feel the excruciating pain of the abortion.
      • The only difference between a 2 year old and an unborn child is food, air, water and time.
    • Motherhood
      • You are already a mother!
      • You are the one holding life and death in your hands; the last line of defense!
      • Three choices (parenting, adoption or abortion...list the results of each)
    • Mention Resources Available
  • Address Scriptural Judging
    • Judging is SCRIPTURAL and commanded by God. Condemnation is wrong.
    • Go HERE for Scriptures on Judging.
  • Safety of Abortion
    • PASS (Post Abortion Stress Syndrome)
    • Surgery vs. the Abortion Pill
    • Abortion mill and abortionist history (if you know your research)
  • Logic
    • Compare abortion to slavery or the Holocaust
  • God's Thoughts and True Hope
    • God never creates mistakes; planned before time (Psalm 139:16)
    • God cares about His creations (Matthew 10:29-31)
    • God provided a way of escape from our temptations to sin (1 Corinthians 10:13)
    • Take up your cross and follow Him (Luke 9:23)
    • God is a loving father but also a wrathful judge (Habakkuk 1:13)
    • Digging your pit deeper; take the way of escape before it's too late! (Psalm 7:15,16)




Ministering Car-Side

  • Always Smile!
  • Move toward the car.
  • A maximum of two counselors approach the vehicle.
  • Show the literature.
  • Engage in dialogue.
  • Ask the person's name and use it!

Ministering Car-Side: What to Say

  • On the Street...
    • "Are you looking for ____ (name of abortion mill)?"
    • "Hi, I have a pre-abortion packet for you."
    • My name is ____, I have something for you to look through before you go in."
  • At the Car...
    • "Are you here for counseling, or are you scheduled for an abortion?"
    • "Have you have an abortion before? Here? Is this your first pregnancy?"
    • "Why do you feel like you need to have this abortion?"
    • "Why don't you pull over for a couple of minutes to talk?"

Adoption as an Option

  • Open vs. Closed Adoption (know the difference and address her options)
  • Never refer to adoption as "taking" a baby.
  • Mention that there are over two million couples in the US waiting to adopt.
  • Emphasize their ability to BLESS a family with their child.
  • Use correct references to biological mother and father.
  • Give them the brochure from Heritage House "Ten Reasons I don't Want To Place My Baby For Adoption".
  • Direct them to Parent Profiles