If there were no abortion workers, there would be no abortions; therefore, whenever possible, we encourage abortion workers to quit their jobs. Their salary is being paid by the death of so many babies — approximately $1M a year in our nation. While the workers are not our primary mission, we definitely want to impact their lives with the Gospel.

Abby Johnson, who is the subject of the recent movie Unplanned, was a former Planned Parenthood manager. She ended up leaving the industry after seeing an ultrasound-guided abortion. Pro-life people had always been kind to her over the years. She contacted them once she had quit. She is now ardently pro-life. Planned Parenthood sued her to try to silence her from speaking about what she had seen and done in her years as an abortion clinic manager. To everyone’s shock, Abby won the lawsuit. She is now a speaker at pro-life events. She began a ministry to abortion workers called Then There Were None. The website — AbortionWorker.com — helps abortion workers quit their jobs. 

Whenever we see an abortion worker during our sidewalk ministry, we call out “Abortionworker.com.” I will typically say: “My name is Vicky and I know there are times you probably wish you could leave this job. You understand that your salary is being paid by the blood of babies. Go to Abortionworker.com. They will help you leave this place. They will help you find new work, they have resources to help you, and they have healing retreats. They know what you are going through if you are contemplating leaving this job. All of them are former abortion workers. Abortionworker.com.”

It is important to know that most of the opposition who escort the women in and out of the abortion center are volunteers. I do not call out to them about Abortionworker.com. I only call out to the paid clinic workers with this particular resource.

We should be aware of the difficulties that these former workers will face if they leave their job. Over the years, many workers have left the facility where we minister. We have had the opportunity to appoint mentors and to talk with many of them. We have learned valuable information about what happens in the abortion center. We have also learned about some of the struggles they encounter upon leaving.

Many are felons

We have discovered that one of the reasons they work at such a terrible place is that they cannot find other work. Many of them have told me they have a felony record. While there are businesses that hire felons, it is difficult to find work with that kind of background. A former worker that I am trying to help right now has applied to and been tentatively offered several jobs over the past month. Sadly, they all fall through when the background check is done. This is a very disheartening reality. A list of businesses that are more favorable towards hiring felons in included at the end of this article.

Sometimes, they’ve done illegal things as abortion workers

Some abortion workers are fearful of leaving because they have seen and or done things that are illegal and immoral. They fear that if they leave, those things will be made public. Many of them are deeply scarred from the things that they saw or did while working in the clinic. Many feel they are beyond redemption because of the terrible things in which they have participated. Abby Johnson’s ministry is well aware of this and provides free healing retreats.

Abby Johnson also recommends that these former abortion workers not be asked to speak at prayer walks or other pro-life events until they have been out of the industry for a while. First of all, there could well be legal issues with which they will need to deal. But secondly, they are very wounded people and they need time to heal from what they have done.

Abby Johnson also recommends that these former abortion workers not being used as speakers at prayer walks or other pro-life events until they have been out of the industry for a while. First of all, there could well be legal issues they will need to deal with. Secondly, they are very wounded people and they need time to heal from what they have done.

Many are very poor and this is a relatively well paying job

While many have told me they do not believe abortion is good, they claim it is just a job for them. Of course, we point out that it is not just a job but it is a job where innocent babies are killed. While this may seem to be a harsh statement, it is the reality. It is not loving to lie to people who are in a destructive lifestyle in order to spare their feelings. These jobs are sometimes the best pay they are likely to find with their backgrounds and skills. It is sometimes a hard sell to encourage them to leave.

Many lack basic life skills

While this is not true of all of them by any means, many of the workers that I’ve interacted with and tried to help struggle with basic life skills. This can be something as simple as following up with contacts for new work if their phone has been broken or shut down due to lack of payment. In my experience, many times they drop the ball at that point and lose opportunities because they haven’t learned to persist or how to effectively work towards a specific goal despite setbacks. Many give up until a new crisis point pushes them into action again.

Poor role models

Many of them have come from fractured families and have ongoing difficulty with relationships. Many describe feeling all alone with no good social support system. Many were raised without a father. Some were in foster care and truly believe abortion is a better option. Many have come from very broken lives and families. 

This is why the mentorship program that Love Life provides can be so vital. A mentor who is willing to walk alongside these people as a positive godly role model can help them to develop better life skills. The mentor can be pivotal in helping them to not only find new work but also helping to transform their lives.

Many claim to know God but justify their work

Almost every one of them that I speak with says they know God. They say God will understand. They say God wants them to provide for their children. While it is true God would want them to provide for their children, that is never a rationale to sin against His clear commandments. He loves the unborn child and He would not have anyone aiding and abetting abortion.

As in everyone we encounter, it is therefore critical to share the Gospel. I always focus on the truth that God is indeed a forgiving God, but if we have a saving faith we do not continue in sin. That is not asking God’s forgiveness, but, rather, His permission to sin. He certainly does not wish to grant us permission to rebel against Him.

In the case of the last abortion worker that I urged to quit, I actually followed her up the street on her lunch break. She was very angry with me initially; but as I spoke about God and the possibility of His healing and abundant transformative power, she began to listen. She stopped with a look of yearning on her face. After a long walk with her, she said that she wanted to know more about how she could restore her relationship with Him. On that very walk, she submitted her life to Jesus.

As with all the people we counsel, I stayed in touch and sent her many encouraging Bible verses over the next few days. A week later, she quit her job even though she had not yet found other work. She said she could no longer work there knowing what she knew about God.

Things will often get worse before they get better

I have found this to be true so often. One would hope that when someone has made a commitment to God and chosen to follow Him, her life would be immediately changed and improved; however, that is rarely the case. Most of the women I counsel still experience significant struggle. Lack of role models, history of felony, poverty and lack of social support all contribute to ongoing issues; however, hope is not lost! Things will improve in almost every case if these women will persevere. The likelihood of changed lives is greater when they have come to the Lord and are striving to follow Him. Also, when they have a good strong and dedicated mentor helping them, the likelihood of lasting change is greater.

A chain effect

Not infrequently, one brave abortion worker leaving leads to others choosing to leave. Sometimes, they have friends still working in the abortion center who they encourage to join them in leaving. That is always very heartwarming.

A few years ago, a mother chose life who is the niece of an abortion manager. The abortion manager saw how we blessed her niece and cared for so many of her needs. It made the manager rethink her position, and she ended up quitting.

Never underestimate God

Day after day, the abortion workers hear us calling out. They hear the truth of the Gospel. They see the kindness and offers of help from people who love the Lord. They hear the resource of Abortionworker.com that will help them to leave the industry. Sometimes, they have heard us for years before something clicks, and they decide they are finally ready to make a change.

Just as God never gave up on us, we should not give up on them despite their seeming indifference or even hatred of who we are and what we do. We should not succumb to anger, or condemnation, but should continue to offer them the hope and help of Jesus. Abby Johnson‘s ministry as well as mentors from Love Life are often instrumental in changing their lives. God is in the business of rescuing lost and broken souls.

Remind them of who they are in Christ

Finally, many of the former abortion workers are filled with guilt and sorrow over what they have done. This helps them understand their desperate need for a Savior. Many of them have submitted their lives to the Lord. Nonetheless, they are tempted to look back on who they were with shame and despair.

It is very important to remind them of the truth of who they now are in Christ. I tell them that they are not defined by their past. They are a new creation in the Lord. They are children of God, and every stain of sin has been washed clean.

It is fitting that these people who were once involved in extinguishing the lives of babies are now experiencing being reborn themselves. In all our work, may God be glorified. His mercies are unfathomable. 

Jobs for Felons

The website Reentryworks.com provides a comprehensive list of companies that hire those who have a felony record. There is also a list of felon-friendly temporary agencies by state that can be access through the site, which can viewed by clicking HERE.

Vicky Kaseorg

Vicky Kaseorg

Vicky Kaseorg is a missionary with Love Life. An author of over 25 books, she is ardently pro-life and deeply desires to share the hope and truth of the Lord Jesus Christ through her work, writing, and life. Read her personal blog at vickykaseorg.blogspot.com.


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