You will encounter arguments in favor of abortion based on difficult cases that will stump you. It happens to all of us. The more you can be prepared for how to counter the hard cases, the more effective you will be as a sidewalk counselor.

It is very important in prefacing any discussion of the hard cases with the understanding that an abortion is never necessary, and the unborn life is of value and worth. Implicit in every “valid exception” for abortion is the unstated belief that one human being is of greater value than another, and one human being can be legitimately sacrificed for another. 

Either every human being, born and unborn, is of unique and infinite value to God, or it is not.

When you begin with that premise, it is easier to argue confidently that no matter what situation you face, the unborn child should not be killed. A baby may die when a doctor tries to save the mother, but the baby is not intentionally killed, as in an abortion. That is a very important distinction. 

Below are some of the most common difficult cases we have encountered on the sidewalk. We have summarized the main points to support life despite these imposing situations.

 What if the woman is raped?

  1. Be compassionate. While the claim of rape may or may not be the truth, if the woman has been raped, she has undergone a terrible trauma.
  2. Rape accounts for less than  1% of abortions, yet is often raised as the reason that all abortions should be unlimited and legal.
  3. Two large studies show that 70 %  of moms of rape bring the baby to term. Of the 30% who abort, 78 % regret the abortion. None regret the choice for life.
  4. Rape is a violent act against an innocent victim. So is abortion. How does someone heal by perpetrating violence against yet another innocent victim?
  5. The value of the child is not based on the circumstances of his conception.
  6. Personal testimonies of moms who were raped show the baby is often the one positive thing that happened out of that experience.
Vicky talks about how to deal with cases when you encounter an abortion patient who says they were a victim of rape.

What if the baby has Downs Syndrome?

  1. The baby’s value is not based on perfection as humans deem perfection. His value is based on the fact that he is made in the image of God, as are all human beings.
  2. Personal testimonies of the incredible joy/love that characterize people with Down’s syndrome are powerful and easily found on the internet.
  3. Often, the diagnosis is wrong. As much as 10-30% of in-utero diagnoses are mistaken! Always recommend a second opinion.
  4. To abort a child because of Downs Syndrome is discriminatory against people with a disability, the very thing most liberals (and others) protect in any other circumstance.

What if the Mother Will die?

  1. People like former Surgeon General Koop as well as many other doctors say there is never a medical necessity for abortions.
  2. A second opinion from prolife doctors will often voice how difficult cases can be safely managed. It is very helpful for any sidewalk ministry to have a list of pro-life doctors who have training in high-risk pregnancies.
  3. The potential for the mom’ s death is only a possibility. In abortion, the baby’s death is certain.
  4. The baby is not a mistake. Does God make mistakes? No. Trust God.
  5. The personal testimonies of moms with dire diagnoses who carry to term are very convicting of the value of choosing life and the power of faith in the face of tremendous struggle.
  6. Pregnancy sometimes HEALS diseases. The internet is filled with examples.
  7. In cases where the mom is treated for a disease (like cancer) and the baby dies as a result is not the same as abortion, a purposeful murder of an innocent child.
  8. Abortion to save the life of the mother occurs in less than 1% of all abortions.

What if there is a Tubal or ectopic Pregnancy?

  1. Read the research! Tubal pregnancy is not a death sentence. (
  2. There are babies and moms who survive ectopic pregnancy. Expectant management of tubal pregnancies can lead to positive outcomes for moms and babies!
  3. Treating the mom may lead to the baby’s death but that is not the same as the purposeful taking of the child’s life
  4. Significantly less than 1% of all abortions are due to tubal pregnancy.

What if the Baby Has Already Passed Away?

  1. Always know the mom might not be accurately representing the situation, though it is best not to tell her that suspicion!
  2. Be compassionate and remind her if that is the case, this is the last place to which she would want to trust her life. Abortion centers largely have terrible records and abortion doctors often have significant problems in their records as well. If someone wanted a child and the baby has died in utero, the worst place for that mom is in a facility where children are purposely killed.
  3. Recommend a second opinion. We have had women say they were told no heart beat was detected in the abortion center, yet when they came on our mobile ultrasound unit, we found a heart beat!
  4. A Dilation and Curettage procedure due to the baby’s death is NOT an abortion. It is clearing the uterus of lining and the deceased child to prevent infection.
  5. Always offer to pray with them. The sorrow of what they have endured may soften their hearts to the healing truth of the Gospel.
  6. Suggest low cost alternatives to the abortion center for the D and C procedure, and research those options in your community.

Vicky Kaseorg

Vicky Kaseorg

Vicky Kaseorg is a sidewalk counselor and Volunteer Coordinator with Cities4Life. An author of over 25 books, she is ardently pro-life and deeply desires to share the hope and truth of the Lord Jesus Christ through her work, writing, and life. Read her personal blog at

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