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Pre-Abortion Packets:

Each sidewalk counselor’s pre-abortion packet differs from the next. We consider it vital to include such things as Gospel tracts and abortion risk info. Below are some of the resources that we use in our packets. TIny Hands booklets are perfect for holding (by taping loosely) other items such as Gospel tracts, graphic photo cards and abortion risk pamphlets. The video below shows how some packets are assembled.
  • Tiny Hands Book – This is a beautiful booklet full of Scriptures, fetal photos and developmental milestones! It’s a beautiful resource that has aided in saving many lives, and it is available in English and Spanish.
  • Free Pocket Gospels of John – You can order up to 30 free per month (for a suggested $20 donation). We keep these on hand in English and Spanish to give to women who change their minds or to include in Love Bags, which are pampering and motherhood bags, reminding the women of their choice for Life.
  • Heritage House  – HH is great for finding adoption, post-abortive & abortion risk literature, as well as fetal models.
  • Center for Bioethical Reform for “Choice” business cards – These are graphic photos. We have heard and seen testimony after testimony of women who have chosen life for their babies after seeing what the reality of abortion is. For that reason, we tape these small cards inside the front cover of the Tiny Hands Book.
  • Tracts: Living Waters from Ray Comfort (cartoon style) or free download for printing.

Video: How to Assemble a Pre-Abortion Packet!